Full-automatic beer cola juice drink production line
  • Full-automatic beer cola juice drink production line

Full-automatic beer cola juice drink production line

Complete production line suitable for beverage, beer, cola filling, capping and sleeve labeling, and can be used in the beverage industry, and is also suitable for the purification of carbon dioxide gas due to chemical, food, pharmaceutical, brewing and other aspects. this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, stainless steel combination, stainless steel filter plate, sterilizing film, electrostatic foam particles, adsorbent, oxidant, and equipped with flowmeter, pressure gauge, valve and so on. With reasonable design, novel style, simple structure, safety and health, convenient and practical.

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Complete production line suitable for beverage, beer, cola filling, capping and sleeve labeling, and can be used in the beverage industry, and is also suitable for the purification of carbon dioxide gas due to chemical, food, pharmaceutical, brewing and other aspects. this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, stainless steel combination, stainless steel filter plate, sterilizing film, electrostatic foam particles, adsorbent, oxidant, and equipped with flowmeter, pressure gauge, valve and so on. With reasonable design, novel style, simple structure, safety and health, convenient and practical.

The deployment system



1、The sub-cylinder block, cylinder head, mixing paddle, feeding port and discharge valve of this equipment are made of imported stainless acid-resistant steel, which is polished inside and outside the cylinder. There is a stirring paddle inside, which plays the role of stirring. There is a thermometer on the top to show the temperature in the cylinder. There is a cycloid pinwheel planetary reducer on the top, which drives the stirring paddle and can be disassembled and cleaned. There are two openable cylinder heads for cleaning. , The other two feed ports can be connected to the pipeline to facilitate the connection of various ingredients. There is a discharge port below, and a plug valve is installed. After stirring, the plug valve handle 900 can be discharged, and the discharge is completed. That is to close, to achieve the purpose of stirring uniformly.

Technical Parameters

1. Model: 1500L

2. Production capacity: 1500L / time

3. Working pressure; 0.09

4. Motor power: 0.55kw

5. Stirring speed: 35r / min

6. Import and export: 32

7. Dimensions: Ф1200 * 1150

8. Material: 304 stainless steel

Carbon dioxide filter


QJ-B carbon dioxide gas purifier is a composite carbon dioxide gas purifier that is carefully designed by scientific researchers with reference to foreign advanced technology and the specific conditions of the country. At present, in the aerated beverage production industry in China, we only focus on the treatment of water, sugar, and spices, and ignore the purification process of carbon dioxide gas. This results in short storage time, poor quality, and even abnormal odors. The harmful substances in carbon dioxide gas include methanol and formaldehyde, which affect the human eye, acetaldehyde affects the digestive system, ether and ethanol can paralyze the nerves and affect the respiratory tract. Isobutanol and butanol can hinder the function of the human internal organs. Harmful substances and acidic substances in the gas produce a chemical reaction within a certain period of time, generating new substances, which cause precipitation and deterioration. After the carbon dioxide gas in the cylinder is purified by the QJ-B type purifier, it can effectively purify the harmful substances in the carbon dioxide gas, which has a positive effect on improving the quality of soda and ensuring human health.

1.Use range

This machine is used in the beverage industry, and is also suitable for the purification of carbon dioxide gas due to chemical, food, pharmaceutical, brewing and other aspects.

2.This machine is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, stainless steel combination, stainless steel filter plate, sterilizing film, electrostatic foam particles, adsorbent, oxidant, and equipped with flowmeter, pressure gauge, valve and so on. With reasonable design, novel style, simple structure, safety and health, convenient and practical.

3. Technical Parameters

Working pressure: ≤0.5Mpa

ØFlow: 60L / min

ØBarrel flow: 80L

ØNet weight: 88Kg

Ø Potassium permanganate solution ratio: 1.5 / 1000 solute / water

ØProportion of potassium permanganate solution: 25kg

ØStatic foam particles: 2.8kg

ØAdsorbent: 12kg

6 Drink Mixer

An improved version of this machine QHS-5000 beverage mixer, used to produce various aerated beverages (water, syrup, carbon dioxide) aerated soda hydration and proportion mixing, such as lemon, cola, fruit juice and other soft drinks, is a beverage production The main equipment in the complete set of equipment (especially the key equipment for medium and high-end beverage production).


This machine adopts advanced technology in the chemical industry, with large gas-liquid mass transfer area, small resistance loss, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure, and a multi-stage centrifugal pump with reliable performance and low voice, which makes the overall performance Guaranteed.

ØThe machine is equipped with high precision proportional needle valve and pneumatic angle valve in the syrup and water pipelines, which can accurately adjust the mixing ratio and prevent the syrup and water from flowing with each other. The action is sensitive and reliable.

ØThe machine can easily adjust the gas content, and it can be adjusted through appropriate operations according to the beverage gas content requirements. This machine is equipped with a complete automatic control system, which has the advantages of coordinated action, simple structure, continuous production, and high degree of automation.

Ø This machine is equipped with in-situ cleaning process, with reasonable structure, which can be conveniently used for chemical disinfection and heat dissipation.

Poisonous and clean water, in line with the requirements of food hygiene law.

2.Technical performance and basic parameters

l l Production capacity: 5000 kg / h

l l Adjustment range of syrup to water ratio: 1: 3 ~ 1: 10

l l Gas content: (CO2: ~ H2O volume ratio)> 2.5

l l mixing accuracy; ≤2%

l l Frozen water inlet temperature: 0 ~ 4 ℃

l l Frozen water inlet pressure: 0.01Mpa ~ 0.08Mpa

l l Syrup inlet temperature: 2 ~ 8 ℃

l l Syrup inlet pressure: 0.01Mpa ~ 0.08MPa

l l CO2 inlet pressure: 0.7Mpa ~ 0.8MPa

l l CO2 purity:> 99.9%

l lWorking pressure of water storage tank and syrup tank: -0.04MPa

l Storage tank working pressure: 0.2Mpa ~ 0.5MPa

18-18-6 Washing,Filling,Capping Line


l DCGF18-18-6 isobaric filling machine is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. It is an advanced level filling equipment that is innovatively developed according to the requirements of beverage canning technology in China. It is mainly used for Filling of soft drinks such as soda, cola, and sparkling wine. This type is suitable for PET bottles. Bottle washing, filling and sealing are realized on one machine, with high degree of automation, convenient operation, and PLC control. The filling valve adopts an external south light valve, which is convenient for equipment cleaning, and the filling speed is increased, which effectively reduces the phenomenon of pulp turning when filling aerated drinks.

l 2. Filling process

The product to be filled, the formulation, the compressed gas and the return air medium are sent to the filling equipment through the inlets of the respective feeding pipes and material distribution pipes. The empty bottles are fed into the filling machine via the bottle feeding conveyor through the bottle feeding conveyor through the bottle feeding screw, and are positioned on the bottle holder of the filling machine lifting device. The bottle holder lifts the bottle and presses it into the filling valve. During the lifting process, check the bottle holder for bottles. If there is a bottle, the filling process begins and the bottle is filled with aerated beverage. If there is no bottle, the corresponding valve remains closed. After the filling is completed, the bottle holder is lowered, and the filled wine bottle is sent to the capping machine for capping through the transfer star wheel of the capping machine table. The capped wine bottles are transferred to the bottle-out conveyor by the bottle-out star wheel.

3.Basic equipment parameters





Washing Heads



Filling Heads



Capping Machine






Filling Range



Bottle Size(mm)

Bottle Diameter:Φ50Φ90

Bottle Height :150320


Consumption of sterile air



Water consumption



Voltage AC



Control DC



Main Motor


1) Bottle washing and filling part structure and its function

The rinsed bottle is exported from the flushing section to the filling section through the bottle dial wheel. The bottle that enters the filling section is lifted by the bottle holder, and is raised, held and lowered by the lifting mechanism under the action of the cylinder. Top-loading filling valve is filled by closed filling method. The adjustment of output is controlled by frequency converter. High-speed filling valve is used to control the liquid level accurately and the error is small

a. Filling cylinder: The filling cylinder is a special container used to hold materials and ensure the constant pressure and stable operation of the entire filling system. The material enters the liquid tank through the lower distributor and is sent to the filling valve. The liquid level of the cylinder is controlled by the level probe through the backup pressure and high pressure, so as to control the liquid level. The CO2 is sent to the wine tank from the high-pressure and backup pressure pipes on the upper distributor. If the pressure in the filling cylinder exceeds the limit value of the safety valve, the diaphragm on the safety valve will automatically open to discharge the pressure in the cylinder to the outside of the cylinder, thus acting as a safety precaution. This machine is specially equipped with a CIP cleaning function tube, as long as the cleaning valve is installed on the canned valve, CIP cleaning can be performed. All the above-mentioned CO2 and compressed air pipes are connected to the upper distributor, and are connected to the filling cylinder and the lifting cylinder through their respective connecting pipes. Material pipe and CIP pipe are transported by independent pipelines. The filling cylinder is equipped with a pressure gauge and a temperature gauge, and the filling status can be checked at any time.

b. Filling valve: High-precision spring-type mechanical filling valve is composed of three parts: gas injection valve, liquid valve and exhaust valve. The filling valve is located in the filling cylinder and is always closed under the action of the cylinder pressure. The working process is as follows: (1) The bottle is lifted by the lifting cylinder. Under the action of the elastic force of the cylinder, the bottle mouth is tightly sealed with the bottle mouth gasket and the filling valve on the pre-cover device.

(2) After the bottle is measured by the "no bottle-no filling" mechanism, operate the valve stem fork to the injection position, and open the injection valve under reverse pressure. The gas in the filling cylinder is first injected into the bottle through the opening of the inflation valve stem, the inner hole of the stem of the liquid valve and the air pipe vent.

(3) When the pressure in the bottle equals the pressure of the filling cylinder, the valve stem opens under the action of the spring, and the liquid in the filling cylinder flows into the valve seat through the round hole in the spring sleeve, and then flows through the shunt installed on the return pipe. The umbrella flows into the bottle evenly along the inner wall of the bottle. When the liquid flows into the bottle, the air in the bottle goes back to the filling cylinder through the return pipe through the valve stem and the injection valve.

(4) The liquid continues to flow until the liquid level reaches the lower end of the return pipe to intercept the air circuit, and the liquid stops flowing. Replacement of return air pipes of different lengths can fill liquid levels of different heights.

(5) The valve closing device gradually rotates the operating valve stem to forcibly close the gas injection valve and the liquid valve.

(6) The valve stem of the exhaust valve is pushed by the exhaust cam, and the compressed gas in the upper part of the bottle is gradually released to the atmosphere, so that the pressure in the bottle is kept in communication with the outside world. Prevent the pressure in the bottle from foaming due to sudden pressure drop, which will cause the filling liquid level to be dissatisfied.


3) Gland part structure and function

The capping plunger is rotated by a power belt. When the capping machine rotates once, each capping plunger will reciprocate up and down once. The cam controls the up and down movement of the gland plunger, and the cam is mounted on a fixed part of the upper part of the gland press. After the bottle has been transferred from the filling machine, a cap is fed into the cap container of the capping head by the cap feeding system. Under the action of the cam guide, the gland plunger descends to the bottle that has been erected on the lower platform, and then the capping operation is performed by the booster ring. The gland plunger located on the upper turning body of the gland machine moves accurately up and down along the gland cam of equal travel distance. work location:

In station I, the capping plunger has already been connected to the cap at its highest position. When the plunger is lowered, the bottle first contacts the cap, and the cap is taken into the capping mold by the cap-retracting rod.

In station II, as the cap-removal lever contacts the die guide of the small spring, the small pressure spring presses the lid, so that the sealing rubber pad of the lid is tightly pressed against the bottle mouth, ensuring the tightness after the capping.

In step III, when the gland plunger is further downward, the bottle and cap penetrate into the gland mold. At this time, the bottle cap is pressed, and the plunger plunger penetrates to a depth of about 8 mm (clamping stroke), and clamps the flange portion of the bottle mouth, and the tooth edge of the bottle cap is compressed.

In step IV, only the bottle used is 5-10mm higher than the minimum bottle, and the die guide slowly touches the pressure ring and contacts the large compression spring to provide the bottle compensation function.

In step V, when the capping plunger is subsequently moved upward, the spring guides the die to slide back, and at the same time, under the action of the rotation stop, the capping lever causes the capped bottle to be smoothly removed from the capping mold. Prolapse.

After receiving another bottle cap, the capping plunger is ready for the next capping process (step I).

11.6.jpg6 Bottle conveyance

The efficiency of the production line has a great relationship with the configuration of the conveyor line. In the configuration of the conveyor line, it must be taken into consideration that when the equipment in the rear section is temporarily stopped (such as changing labels), the operation of the equipment in the front section must not be affected. At the same time, the equipment in the front and rear sections must be well connected together to make the whole The production line achieves higher operating efficiency. Our production line layout fully considers the relationship between customer investment and production line use efficiency. Based on the introduction of foreign technology, the above requirements can be well met. This system adopts advanced foreign technology and has the advanced level of the 1990s. The mechanical structure is newly designed. Most components are formed by stamping or bending. It has the advantages of good rigidity, light weight and good interchangeability. Transmission mode, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for conveying bottles with a diameter of φ40 φ110 mm. The electrical control system uses PLC to control the operation of the entire bottle conveying buffer system, and automatically realizes the functions of acceleration and deceleration of the running speed and automatic buffering.

main feature:

The conveying is smooth and reliable. The bottle belt is synchronously tracked and controlled with the host or the upstream and downstream equipment are controlled online, so that the bottle does not fall, jam or block during the conveying process. According to user requirements, a buffer platform can be set in front of the labeling machine (the time is generally about 1-2 minutes). When the labeling machine changes the label, the previous filling machine does not need to stop and wait. During this time, the filling machine is filling The products are stored on the buffer platform. After the labeling machine has changed the labels, the labeling machine will use a higher speed to produce the bottles stored in the buffer platform, and then resume the synchronous production speed. The structure of the conveyor belt is modular, with strong interchangeability of parts, compact structure, low noise, convenient installation and maintenance, and can be combined according to different capabilities and bottle types, which has great flexibility. The electrical control design is advanced and reasonable. The control method can be designed according to the customer's floor plan requirements, and the required electrical control components are selected to further improve the smoothness of the conveyance.

Reasonably set the control switch position according to the layout of the conveying system or customer needs, which is convenient for users to operate.

The main structural parts are made of stainless steel, the chain plates are selected from the products of well-known companies, the motors and reducers are selected from the products of joint ventures, and the main electrical components are selected from products of world-renowned companies.

Sleeve labeling machine


Automatic high-speed sleeve labeling machine. This series of equipment is a fully automatic intelligent packaging line that integrates the functions of bottle feeding, bottle dispensing, sleeve labeling, and shrink labeling. Real high-speed, accurate positioning, streamlined labor, and perfect packaging are The spirit of this equipment design is suitable for beverage and health food factories, and has the functions of beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and maintenance.

1Performance characteristics

Synchronous mechanism transmission, any transmission belt replacement can be completed quickly. Compared with the traditional multi-layer arm type (replacement and maintenance takes more than six hours), it is easier to maintain and simple to maintain, which will never affect production.

lThe unique cutter holder design in the country is suitable for 30mm ~~ 130mm containers. The cutter holder is completely free of replacement and debugging. It adopts a touch of a man-machine, which automatically searches for the origin position, which is safe and convenient, leading other similar products.

lSingle-shrink label feeding tray design, moderate height, easy to install labels; microcomputer automatic calculation, no setting, no adjustment, as long as a single press, the label can be automatically detected and automatically positioned; label changing is absolutely fast and labor-saving, cut off The location is absolutely precise.

l Feeding mechanism: dynamic synchronous tension control supply label, supply capacity 90 meters / minute, label supply tray 500mm, paper tube inner diameter 4 ', 8', 10 'are all available. Feeding label stable tension mechanism design to ensure label cutting The accuracy of the length, the supply is stable, fast, and ensure the accuracy of the label feeding and shooting.

lServo-marking mechanism with central guide post, with a speed of 400 bottles per minute.

l The new cutter design is driven by a servo motor, with high speed, stable and accurate movement, flat cut, and beautiful shrinkage. With the synchronous positioning mechanism of the label, the cut positioning accuracy is as high as 1mm.

lMulti-point emergency stop button, emergency stop button can be installed at the appropriate position on the production line to make online production safe and production smooth.

lSpecially designed hot-air shrinking furnace, using high-pressure fan, the special hot-air shrinking ring duct is more energy-saving, and the shrinkage effect is unparalleled. For traditional curved bottles that cannot be shrunk by the shrinking furnace, the hot-air shrinking furnace can obtain a satisfactory flat shrinking effect.

lThe new type of steam shrinking furnace has greatly improved heat shrinkage efficiency. For different and irregular bottle shapes such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc., it is easy to adjust and maintain, and the shrinkage is flat. The steam spraying method adopts the steam drum design, and the pipeline is smooth. Not occupying space, each side of the ejection outlet is divided into four sections, and the height of each section, the front and back, and the air output can be adjusted separately to achieve the most perfect shrinkage effect. The low-pressure steam drum uses a seamless steel tube design, and each connecting pipe uses a stainless steel hose quick connector, which is easy to remove and install. The housing of the whole machine is made of stainless steel and is insulated, which not only saves energy, but also meets international safety standards. The stainless steel water pan at the bottom concentrates the condensed water and can be taken out. The working environment is not affected. . The whole machine adopts waterproof design and is made of stainless steel, which is easy to operate and maintain.

2Technical Parameters

Voltage specifications: 1. Host: AC380V, 50 / 60MZ, 4KW, 3 phases

Or host: AC220V, 50 / 60MZ, 4KW, single phase

2, shrinking furnace: AC380V, 50 / 60MZ, 15KW, 3 phase

Production speed: The standard length of the label is 100mm. The production speed can be determined according to customer needs. The standard speed is divided into: 100 bottles / minute, 200 bottles / minute, 300 bottles / minute, 400 bottles / minute, 500 bottles / minute and other series.

The shorter the M label length, the faster the production speed.

Bottle diameter: 28mm ~ 125mm

Label length: 30mm ~ 300mm

Label thickness: 0.035mm ~ 0.13mm

Label material: PVC, PET, OPS

Equipment size: L3000mm * W1200mm * M2200mm

1. Steam shrinking furnace: Steam consumption: 50Kg / hour

Steam pressure: 1Kg / cm2

Steam type shrink furnace volume: L2000mm * W500mm * M500mm

Film Sleeve Packaging machine


It is used for automatic packaging of 12 bottles, 24 bottles, 36 bottles of PET bottles, automatic shrink film packaging and heat shrink packaging machines, and is widely used in beverages, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products and other packaging.

product manual:

1. Pneumatic mechanism is adopted for the whole operation of bottle splitting, heat sealing and cutting.

2. Proximity switch controls film length.

3. Touch screen and PLC control system greatly increase the reliability of equipment operation.

4. The three-run wind circulation fan guarantees a balanced temperature in the shrinking furnace.

5. High temperature resistant glass fiber Teflon conveyor mesh belt, smooth transportation, high strength and wear resistance.

6. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation conveying mechanism.

7. The height of the conveyor belt can be made according to user requirements, and the adjustment range is ± 100mm

8. Fin-shaped stainless iron heating system, durable. length.

11. Shelf-supporting device to meet the needs of short-time product pause and ensure continuous production line operation.

1. Equipment parameters

Power supply: AC 380V / 220V 50HZ

Maximum power consumption: 26KW

Actual power consumption: 16KW / hour

Working pressure: 0.6Mpa-0.8 Mpa

Supporting air compressor requirements: exhaust pressure: 0.8Mpa, flow rate: 0.3 m3 / min

Shrink film material: PE, PP, PVC, POF

Packaging film width: 600mm

Packaging film thickness: 0.03 0.15mm

Feeding conveyor horizontal height: 950 + 30mm

Equipment dimensions: L6000 × W3600 × H2100 (mm)

Total equipment weight: 1200kg

2.Technical parameters of product packaging

Maximum packing size: L400 × W300 × H390mm

Minimum packing size: L210 × W140 × H100mm

Heat sealing knife length: 680mm

Shrinking temperature: 260

Shrink time: 0-6S

Heat sealing and cutting temperature: 150-200

Maximum production speed: 600 bags / hour

Common bottles per package (round or square)

4 rows 4 × 6 4 × 5 4 × 4 Applicable bottle diameter: Ф40-Ф73mm

3 rows 3 × 4 3 × 3 3 × 5 Applicable bottle diameter: Ф73-Ф98mm

2 rows 2 × 3 2 × 4 Applicable bottle diameter: Ф98-Ф140mm

1 row 1 × 2 1 × 1 Applicable bottle diameter: Ф140-Ф300mm

Overall dimensions: 3600 × 6000 × 2100

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